World Archery Barbados

Archery Guyana benefits from successful 3-day coaching by World Archery Barbados Coaches

Over the weekend (Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th November, 2017), four Level 2 Archery coaches from Barbados provided our local archers with three days of Olympic Archery coaching intended to raise their skill levels and prepare them for indoor and outdoor competitions, both nationally and internationally.

World Archery Barbados’ Coaches arrive in Guyana to assist Archery Guyana

Pursuant to the recent collaboration between the two regional entities, both of which are duly affiliated to the international governing body, World Archery Foundation and World Archery Americas, World Archery Barbados made the necessary arrangements to provide Archery Guyana with the assistance of four (4) coaches, intended to aid in the further development of local Archers.

Mr Ronald Field, Mr. Thomas Field, Ms. Rebecca Wiltshire and Mr. Dwayne Grovesnor arrived this afternoon to conduct coaching/training sessions with Archery Guyana this weekend.