B.M. SOAT ANNUAL COSTUME MATCH promises to be an exciting one WITH G.S.S.F.

For the fourth consecutive year, BM Soat Auto Sales supported the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation in their Annual Costume Shooting Match. This themed competition has once again been exclusively sponsored by B.M Soat Auto Sales and is expected to be an exciting one yet again. Over the years, members turned out in their costumes, with appearances from Pocahontas, The Joker, Superman, Cowboys, Hondo, Magic Mike, Contractors and construction workers, Arrow, Super Girl, a Farmer, Racer, a Cricketer, a Biker, the Black Panther, Lara Croft, the Gold Tooth Gangster, a Rifle Shooter and even Count Dracula risked the afternoon sun last year to come out and participate, all doing so within the safety confines of the sport. This year the match is bound to be even more exciting with invited participants expected to once again take part donning costumes of their liking, hats, wigs, paint, garb but will have to be within the safety confines of the sport.

Four exciting Steel Challenge stages are expected to be set up under stringent security at the GDF Timehri Range and participants will fall under two divisions, Limited and Production. Prizes will be awarded to the top three shooters in each division and medals for a special category of Unclassified Beginner. 

GSSF directors met at the showroom of B.M Soat Auto Sales, located at Lot 9 Croal Street, Georgetown. Mr. Munesh Ramsaywack, Supervisor of Marketing Department on left can be seen below handing over sponsorship funds to GSSF Asst. Secretary/Treasurer and Director, Mr. Andrew Phang in the presence of GSSF Secretary, Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon.