Practical Pistol

DENTAL IMPORTS GUYANA Inc. returns with support for the 2nd consecutive year for the GUYANA SPORT SHOOTING FOUNDATION

The Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation expressed delight at Tuesday 11th June, 2019's morning’s Handover and Presentation Ceremony hosted by Dental Imports Guyana Inc.

Local practical shooters will for the second year be given an opportunity to participate in a Sport Shooting Competition which will be once again exclusively sponsored by Dental Imports Guyana Inc. (DIG Inc.) and hosted by the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation.

DHARRY & BEHARRY emerge victorious after weekend’s G.S.S.F’s Practical Shooting Match sponsored by ORINDUIK DEVELOPMENT INC.

The Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation on Saturday 27th April, 2019 successfully hosted another Practical Pistol match for 2019, sponsored by Orinduik Development Inc.

Local practical shooters gathered at the Timehri shooting ranges to take part in an exciting Practical Pistol match which comprised of five challenging but fun stages. The match was conducted by Match Director Mr. David Dharry. At the Opening Ceremony Managing Director, Mr. Brian Backer of the Match sponsor Company delivered brief Remarks during which he explained that Orinduik Development Inc. is a private Security Firm based on the East Coast that specialises in aviation security and VIP personal protection.



 Every Guyanese, upon hearing the word “Orinduik” immediately thinks of the major tourist attraction on the Ireng River which borders Guyana and Brazil before merging with the Takutu River and into Brazil to join the Amazon River. For local sport-shooters however, this name is becoming synonymous with the promise of an exciting, fun and safe Competition. A mere six months after closing off the 2018 GSSF’s shooting calendar with a Steel Challenge Shooting Match which was sponsored by Orinduik Development Inc., dedicated Match sponsors returned to this time support the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation with Match sponsorship for a Practical Shooting Match.

GSSF Shooters take top spots at GNRA/IPSC Guyana's 2018 Year-end Championships

Update: On December 16, 2018, GSSF’s sanctioned Practical Shooters were invited to participate in the Guyana National Rifle Association’s/IPSC Guyana’s Match where our shooters secured top prizes in all divisions. In Production Division, 1st to Ryan McKinnon, Open Division 1st - Pravesh Harry and Standard Division 1st to Rajiv Latchana. Other GSSF Members securing trophies for 1-5 were Mohamed Qualander (4th Overall Open and 3rd Overall Standard), Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon (4th Overall Standard) and Dominique DeGroot (4th C Class). Congratulations to Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation's Practical Shooters. In picture below: (Some of the GSSF Prize Winners after the Presentation at the Range of the trophies by GNRA's Vice-Captain, Mr. Gordon Richards) For full results, click here:



​Halloween is traditionally about the fabled creatures of the underworld. Ghosts, Ghouls and Zombies take many forms in the imagination. Increasingly, it has become acceptable for Halloween costume design to move away from the traditional spirit, under world, fairy story and magical themes, and to move on to just plain having fun. And that’s just what Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation did last Saturday 27th October, 2018 when for the third year, BM Soat Auto Sales backed the GSSF in their Annual themed competition which was a very keenly contested one, all within the confines of the safety rules and watchful eyes of Range Master, Mr. Dallas Thomas and his Team of Range Officials.

The Timehri Range transformed just after noon as members turned out in their costumes, with appearances from the Hunter, a Sport-Shooter, a Construction Worker, a Rifle Shooter, the Black Panther, a Biker, Lara Croft, the Gold-Tooth Gangster and even Count Dracula risked the afternoon sun to come out and participate, all doing so within the safety confines of the sport.


For the third year, BM Soat Auto Sales backed the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation in their Annual Costume Shooting Match. This themed competition has once again been exclusively sponsored by B.M Soat Auto Sales and is expected to be a keenly contested one. In the past, members turned out in their costumes, with appearances from Pocahontas, The Joker, Superman, Cowboys, Hondo, Magic Mike, Contractors, Arrow, Super Girl, a Farmer, Racer and even a Cricketer. This year the match is bound to be even more exciting with invited participants expected to once again take part donning costumes of their liking, hats, wigs, paint, garb are welcome but will have to be within the safety confines of the sport.