G.S.S.F.’s successfully hosts 2020 Annual General Meeting

The 6th Annual General Meeting of the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation, was held at the Grand Costal Inn on Friday 28th February, 2020. Members were given the opportunity to discuss the activities and plans at the AGM. President of the GSSF, Ryan McKinnon delivered opening Remarks to the Meeting and renewed his commitment to safety in the sport and affirmed the foundation’s shift to community work as well as sports. He reflected on 2019 as being another good year and congratulated GSSF and thanked all members for the continued support in promoting sport shooting and expressed hope to continue to build the sport and focus on safety.

The Secretary of the Foundation, Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon delivered a comprehensive Report on the 2019 activities of the GSSF including affiliation to local and international bodies. She also touched on key topics such as general firearm safety, increased membership growth, continuous monthly training courses, the various sport shooting disciplines currently encompassed, donations made, general outreach to supporting agencies, shooting range access, support programs and the ongoing development of the sport of shooting in Guyana.

The Report of the External Auditors along with the Financial Statement of the GSSF was presented by the Foundation’s Treasurer, Mr. Ray Beharry to the membership and this was duly adopted at the AGM. The External Audit of the Financial Statement was duly conducted and issued by Auditor, Mr. Harryram Parmesar from the Parmesar Audit Firm. Another significant aspect of the AGM was the motions which totaled two which were unanimously carried.


The Returning Officer appointed, Capt. Roul Bhudu, duly declared the board and positions therein vacant and commenced elections for a new Board of Directors of the GSSF.


Following the transparent electoral process, the members listed below were duly elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation for the term 2020 to 2022 as announced and ratified by the Returning Officer, Capt. Bhudu.

Members of the Board of Directors for the period 2020-2022 are:

President                                                            Mr. Ryan McKinnon

Vice-President                                                   Mr. David Dharry

Secretary                                                           Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon

Treasurer                                                           Mr. Ray Beharry

Assistant Secretary and Treasurer                    Mr. Andrew Phang

Chairman (Steel Challenge)                              Mr. Dallas Thomas

Chairman (Practical Shooting)                           Mr. Imam Baksh

Chairman (Trapshooting)                                   Dr. Pravesh Harry

Internal Auditor                                                  Capt. Gary Sahai


Thanks were expressed to the following persons who assisted in one way or the other for 2019: The Honourable Minister Khemraj Ramjattan, Minister of Public Security, Director of Sport, Mr. Christopher Jones, National Sports Commission, Chief of Staff, Brig. Patrick West, Guyana Defence Force, Mr. Ryan McKinnon, Infotrans Guyana Inc, Neutrino Inc., Mr. Julius Simon, Commissioner General Mr. Godfrey Statia, the Guyana Revenue Authority, Mr. Hakeem Mohamed, Mr. Mohamed Qualander and Ms. Saudia Qualander of Queensway, Commissioner of Police Mr. Leslie James, Dr. Bhiro Harry, GPF OC TSU Mr. Guy Nurse, Queensway Security Service Inc., Mr. Tamesh Jagmohan, El Dorado Trading, Mr. Bish Panday and Mr. Vikash Panday, Directors of P&P Insurance and Consultants Ltd., Mr. Harryram Parmesar, Parmesar Accounting Firm, Mr. Kevin Daby, the Management and staff of Grand Coastal Inn Inc., Mr. Andrew Phang, International Technical Supplies (Guyana) Limited, Drs. Pravesh Harry and Kevin Jodah, Board of Directors of DIG Inc. Dental Imports Guyana Inc., Mr. Brian Backer, Board of Directors of Orinduik Development Inc., Aleemul Ali Fabrication Company, Mrs. Luana Fernandes and the Management and staff of Woodpecker Products, Mr. Bashair Mohamed, Mrs. Vimala Mohamed and Mr. Rameez Mohamed and the Management and Staff of B.M. Soat Auto Sales, Caterer, Taste of Home, Match Committees, The Media, The G.S.S.F. Members and the Board of the G.S.S.F.


In picture below: The newly elected Board of Directors of the G.S.S.F. FOR 2020-2022. (From left to right: Mr. Imam Baksh, Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon, Mr. David Dharry, Mr. Ryan McKinnon, Dr. Pravesh Harry, Mr. Dallas Thomas, Mr. Ray Beharry and Mr. Andrew Phang. Missing from photo: Capt. Gary Sahai)