Two members of the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation returned on Monday after taking part in the International Practical Shooting ConFoundation Region of Suriname Level II Match held on Sunday October 5, 2014.  
The GSSF was once again represented by Mr. Ryan McKinnon and Ms. Vidushi Persaud at a match held at the MTC Ranges, Suriname. The match consisted of 7 stages requiring a minimum of 140 rounds of 9mm or higher calibre. These dynamic stages required competitors to shoot as accurately as possible at multiple targets that were setup in various scenarios and distances: some through window cutouts, around walls, while moving, reloading, others under tables, there were even stages that stipulated shooting with your right hand only and another with your left hand only, all while trying to beat the clock and complete the stage with a better time than your competitor. Points were deducted for misses and any hits on specific penalty targets. Most importantly, all this is to be done safely, while keen specially trained Range Officers were present managing the strict business of safety for all in blazing sunshine and typically high tropical humidity.

When the smoke cleared and the dust settled, leading Guyanese Practical Shooter Ryan McKinnon had to settle for 3rd Place in Standard division earning 519.0146 points overall, only just losing out on 2nd Place to veteran Surinamese Claude Lee 519.1351 points and division favourite Surinamese Mark Jie Tjoe Foek 1st Place with a runaway 654.6745 points.  
Medals were also awarded for the top 3 spots per division for every stage. This saw McKinnon securing for Guyana two silver medals and Vidushi Persaud one silver medal with Persaud showing dominance behind just Jie Tjoe Foek in the right hand ONLY stage. She also secured the 2nd Place Lady Category Trophy finishing behind veteran Surinamese Angelique Tjon Kon Joen.  
The local shooters expressed appreciation to their Surinamese neighbours who they fondly view as family from a larger global group thanks to the comradery that IPSC matches builds and were grateful for the much needed practice obtained in this format of sport shooting.   

The GSSF expressed its gratitude to IPSC Suriname for the usual kind invitation and for facilitating the attendance of their members to such matches. Special “Thank you” to IPSC Suriname’s Regional Director Mr. Serge Tjin Wong Joe and Match Director Mr. Sergio Tjon for their tireless contribution towards practical shooting within the Caribbean region.  
GSSF is dedicated towards encouraging and promoting practical shooting for all Guyana. In this regard, they will be hosting a Match on October 25th, 2014 from 14:00Hrs, which will be open to all established Practical Shooters of Guyana. Pre-registration is recommended so those of you who are interested in having some safe sport shooting fun, please contact any Executive member of the GSSF for further details.