Practical Pistol

Saturday, March 28, 2015
GDF Ranges, Yarrowkabra

Dear Practical Shooter,

You are hereby invited to take part in a GSSF Practical Pistol Match, to be held on Saturday 28th March 2015 at the GDF Yarowkabra Ranges, Timehri.

  • Number of Stages: 3 (Comstock) 

  • Minimum Rounds: 57 

  • Start Time: 13:30Hrs 

  • Registration fee: $1500 

  • Rules: In accordance with latest Handgun Rulebook 

  • Registration: Can be done via email or in person on match day. 

  • Division recognised: Standard 

  • Prizes: Top three overall 

  • Ammunition: Armscor ammunition will be available on the range. (N. B. Rounds not used must be tagged and 
returned to the police for safe keeping, these will be available to you at our following range session.) 

For more info contact Match Director - Ms. Vidushi Persaud.

If you plan on attending this match, please send an email indicating your intention so as to facilitate a smooth 
registration process to 

Best regards, 

Ryan McKinnon

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer