RESULTS: Publik sponsored G.S.S.F. Steel Challenge Match

Saturday, December 16, 2017
GDF Range, Yarrowkabra

Match Results of the G.S.S.F. Steel Challenge Competition sponsored by Publik

Production Division

1st – Ryan McKinnon (54.97 seconds)

2nd – Pravesh Harry (56.78 seconds)

3rd – Michael Blake (87.46 seconds)


Limited Division

1st – Rajiv Latchana (71.07 seconds)

2nd – Vidushi Persaud (73.90 seconds)

3rd – Harold Hopkinson (83.38 seconds)


Law Enforcement Category Winners in the Limited Division:

1st – Harold Hopkinson (Time: 83.38 seconds)

2nd – Odel August (Time: 102.94 seconds)

3rd – Dallas Thomas (Time: 133.17 seconds)


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