RESULTS: Steel Challenge Match sponsored by Orinduik Development Inc.

Below are the Overall Match Results. Thanks again to our sponsor, Orinduik Development Inc. 

Production Division

1st – Ryan McKinnon (61.39 seconds)

2nd – Rajiv Latchana (81.29 seconds)

3rd – Harold Hopkinson (95.40 seconds)

Limited Division

1st – Pravesh Harry (73.46 seconds)

2nd – Mohamed Qualander (76.23 seconds)

3rd – John Phang (80.37 seconds)

Wildcat Division

1st – Clint McKenzie (107.64 seconds)

2nd – Jagmohan Bassoo (202.63seconds)

3rd – Lindsay Baird (235.30 seconds)




​Halloween is traditionally about the fabled creatures of the underworld. Ghosts, Ghouls and Zombies take many forms in the imagination. Increasingly, it has become acceptable for Halloween costume design to move away from the traditional spirit, under world, fairy story and magical themes, and to move on to just plain having fun. And that’s just what Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation did last Saturday 27th October, 2018 when for the third year, BM Soat Auto Sales backed the GSSF in their Annual themed competition which was a very keenly contested one, all within the confines of the safety rules and watchful eyes of Range Master, Mr. Dallas Thomas and his Team of Range Officials.

The Timehri Range transformed just after noon as members turned out in their costumes, with appearances from the Hunter, a Sport-Shooter, a Construction Worker, a Rifle Shooter, the Black Panther, a Biker, Lara Croft, the Gold-Tooth Gangster and even Count Dracula risked the afternoon sun to come out and participate, all doing so within the safety confines of the sport.

RESULTS: Practical Shooting Costume Match sponsored by B.M. Soat Auto Sales

Below are the Overall Match Results. Thanks again to our sponsor, B.M. Soat Auto Sales.

Limited Division

1st – Pravesh Harry (212.547 points)

2nd – David Dharry (209.0814 points)

3rd – Lennox Braithwaite (206.478 points)

Production Division

1st – Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon (262.0026 points)

2nd – Ryan McKinnon (245.623 points)

3rd - Dallas Thomas (108.1096 points)