G.S.S.F. calls on Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sport after First AGM

Board members of the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation paid a courtesy call on the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and presented documents which were adopted at the 2015 AGM of the G.S.S.F. held on the 29 January, 2015. The Foundation was lauded by the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Alfred King as the first body to do so for 2015, in keeping with the requirements set out by the MCY&S and the National Sports Commission for all sport organisations in Guyana. These included copies of the Foundation’s Report for 2014 together with externally audited Financial Statements, and a copy of their updated Constitution.

During the visit the Board members discussed with the Ministry its plans for the future and gave an update as to the accomplishments in 2014. They also previewed the happenings of the recent AGM where President of the G.S.S.F., Ms. Vidushi Persaud categorically stated that the success has been due to all of the members who un-hesitatingly came on board to promote sport shooting in Guyana in a safe and well regulated manner. She paid tribute to the work of the Directors of the founding Board who have all given so freely of their time and energies to make 2014 the success it has been.

January Practical Pistol Match

Stage 1 (Adjacent):
1st – 43 in 10.66 seconds = 45.00 Stage Points - Ryan McKinnon
2nd - 16 in 12.71 seconds = 14.04 Stage Points - Vidushi Persaud
3rd - 12 in 9.54 seconds = 14.03 Stage Points - Ray Beharry

Stage 2 (Funnel):
1st - 56 in 13.14s = 60.00 SP - Ryan McKinnon
2nd - 56 in 13.32s = 59.19 SP - David Dharry
3rd - 48 in 14.22s = 47.52 SP - Ray Beharry

GSSF opens 2015 with Practical Pistol Match sponsored by WOODPECKER PRODUCTS

Speed, power and accuracy: Three elements of the practical shooting were well-balanced last Saturday 24th January, 2015 at the GDF’s Timehri Ranges when the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation safely hosted the first competition for 2015 – a Practical Pistol Match sponsored by Woodpecker Products. The company generously donated to the G.S.S.F. several high quality Trophies for the competition, which was open to all experienced practical pistol competitors in Guyana.

Following the Latest Edition of Practical Shooting Handgun Rules, the shooters enjoyed an afternoon in the blazing sunshine while safely engaging targets in three dynamic stages in the Standard Division. These stages required the competitor to shoot as accurately as possible at multiple targets that were setup in various scenarios, while moving, and striving to do so in a shorter time than the other competitors. Points were deducted for any misses and any hits on specific penalty targets.