Slovakian manufacturer, producer and exporter to more than 60 countries worldwide recently expanded with their Grand Power Line Firearms now officially in Guyana with El Dorado Security Service of Lot 136 Yong Street, Kingston, Georgetown given the exclusive dealership.

The X-Calibur is their top of the line “sport” pistol aimed at the IPSC/USPSA and general practical shooter. Like many of the guns for this market, it’s a DA/SA full-frame 5″ slide 9mm with a 15+1 capacity. It looks and feels like many of the High Power/ CZ-75 guns currently vying for the competitors’ trophies at sport shooting events.

In this regard, El Dorado Security Service came on board as an official sponsor of the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation’s upcoming final competition for 2022. During a simple ceremony held at the headquarters of El Dorado security service, in Young Street, Kingston, Secretary of the G.S.S.F. Ms. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon, in accepting the kind sponsorship, conveyed thanks to both Mr. Tamesh Jagmohan and the Management of El Dorado Security Service and expressed her congratulations on the dealership and the CEO’s usual un-hesitating support as Mr. Jagmohan continues to give towards building sport shooting in Guyana.

The upcoming Practical Shooting Match will feature four exciting stages to challenge local handgun Practical Shooters. Their knowledge of firearm safety will be foremost while competitor’s skills of marksmanship and handgun reliability will be put to the test in the fast-paced run and gun shooting that the sport of practical shooting is known for. In this regard, the Grand Power’s X-Calibur’s 1mm wide fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight and long sight radius ((over 8 1/2 inches) are ideal for accuracy-minded shooters. Left-handed shooters are particularly delighted since the X-Claiber’s safety, magazine release and slide lock are on both sides of the pistol.

A fun fact is that the older K100 pistol by Grand Power was imported by STI in Texas, with STI branding on it. STI is the maker of the familiar 2011 race guns and the heritage of that manufacturing is present in the X-Calibur as well. Remember: this a “race” gun, not an everyday carry gun. As such, it is much anticipated to see the firearm in the hands of local sport-shooters.

In Photo below, Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon, Secretary of the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation receives sponsorship funds from Mr. Alvin Holladar, Chief Security Officer of El Dorado Security Service.