Harry, Khan and Hopkinson emerge victorious after weekend’s G.S.S.F’s Practical Shooting Match sponsored by ORINDUIK DEVELOPMENT INC.

The Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation on Sunday 2nd October, 2022 successfully hosted a Practical Pistol match sponsored by Orinduik Development Inc.

Local practical shooters gathered at the Camp Stephenson’s GDF Timehri shooting range to take part in an exciting Practical Pistol match which comprised of five challenging but fun stages. The match was conducted by Match Director Mr. David Dharry who declared it open.

Shooters participated in 3 divisions, namely the Limited, Production and Open divisions. Each division had its unique requirements and restrictions, as prescribed by the USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association). Since each division has its own regulations, the shooters do not directly compete with each other across divisions. As such, prizes were awarded for 1st to 3rd place in each division.

As is customary with a G.S.S.F. event, strict adherence to firearm safety was followed.

The afternoon match commenced with Stage 1 called ‘Vex & Goin’ Home”. The course designer, Ryan McKinnon made this a fun and challenging start to the afternoon where shooters were required to stand in the start box, holding a cricket bat in strong hand and a suitcase in weak hand. Upon start signal, the shooters had to engage the 10 classic, 2 no-shoots and 5 plates from within fault lines. This particular stage challenged shooters' strategic abilities with multiple possible routes to complete the course of fire in a safe manner.

The second stage entitled “Watch Steel” proved to be another fun and challenging one, once again designed by Mr. McKinnon which caused shooters to audibly amend the name of the stage as they engaged 2 classics, 8 plates and 10 poppers.

“No Fancy Thing” stage which was designed by Rajiv Latchana was a fun quickfire stage which involved the shooters engaging 3 classics, 1 no-shoot and 1 pooper from within close range.

The fourth stage, “Paper Poppers” required shooters to start standing in box a in a surrender position (wrists above shoulders), handgun loaded and holstered and upon start signal, they either engage array 1 (paper targets) array 2(steel targets). A mandatory reload was required whenever changing arrays.

The final and fifth stage “Take ‘em down” tested their ability to shoot from behind cover as barrels were set up at two distances and caused shooters to run to two positions and secure a stable position before engaging the targets.

Scores were promptly computed because of the use of electronic scoring methods by way of a special application called Practiscore under the efficient eye of designated Stats Officer for the day, Dr. Pravesh Harry. Match results were announced as follows:

Limited Division:
1st Place – Pravesh Harry (336.2081 Points)
2nd Place – Ryan McKinnon (336.1181 Points)
3rd Place – Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon (187.8222 Points)

Production Division:
1st Place – Lancelot Khan (360.0525 Points)
2nd Place – David Dharry (344.0743 Points)
3rd Place – Imam Baksh (306.9399 Points)

Open Division:
1st Place – Harold Hopkinson (375.0000 Points)
2nd Place – Lindsay Baird (113.1263 Points)

The G.S.S.F. would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to Mr. Brian Backer and the Board of Directors of Orinduik Development Inc for the kind sponsorship and support of the Foundation’s activities and events for the 5th consecutive year.
Orinduik Development Inc. is the 100% Guyanese owned company, engaged in various training services being offered in Guyana such as Helicopter Underwater Evacuation Training (HUET), life-boat operations, multi-level lifting and rigging, working at height, Mechanical Joint Integrity (MJI), confined space operations and other various types of training that is mandatory for persons working in the booming oil and gas sector. All of these courses are offered on the shores of Guyana in keeping with the building of capacity for local content.

Like the shooting sports, focus on safety is paramount, as in the oil and gas sector. Orinduik Development Inc. is also building in Guyana a commercial Heliport on the Lusignan complex. The primary objective of the proposed heliport is to provide an independent facility for helicopter operations in close proximity to Georgetown, and to facilitate the growing need for such air transport services coming from many sectors, including the extractive industry.

The heliport is slated to provide a location for the voluntary basing of helicopter operators providing commercial services (moving people and cargo, mining, tourism, oil industry, construction, agriculture, news and media) from and near Georgetown and is also intended to support the medical, coast guard, security, search and rescue, law enforcement and other emergency services

The Board of Directors wishes to commend the Match Director, Range Master, Stats Officer, Range Officers and the shooters for ensuring an efficient event. Special thanks also to the Guyana Defence Force, Chief of Staff Brigadier Godfrey Bess, Commissioner of Police Mr. Clifton Hicken, Deputy Commissioner of Operations, Mr. Ravindranauth Budhram, OC Mr. Lowenfield, the ranks of TSU and the Guyana Police Force, the Media and GSSF members for their support in promoting practical shooting locally. Thanks also to Mr. Rajiv Latchana and the Management of Aquafina for coming on board as the Water sponsor for the event. Thanks also to Mr. Harold Hopkinson for the use of his personal props, steel plates, poppers and targets stands for some of the stages.

More information on the G.S.S.F. is available on its website www.GuyanaSportShooting.com

In pictures below:
Prize Winners and participants of Orinduik Development Inc.’s 2022 sponsored GSSF Practical Shooting Match

Pics of shooters on various stages
Ryan McKinnon sprinting from the start box upon buzzer beeping:

David Dharry taking aim from behind the hard cover:

Dr. Johan DaSilva doing a magazine change:

Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon engaging a target while moving:

Dr. Pravesh Harry taking aim at the steel plates:

Limited Division: 1st place, Pravesh Harry receiving his trophy from Match Director David Dharry

Limited Division: 2nd place, Ryan McKinnon receiving his trophy from Match Director David Dharry

Limited Division: 3rd Place, Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon receiving her trophy from Match Director David Dharry

Production Division: 1st Place Lancelot Khan receiving his trophy from G.S.S.F. President, Ryan McKinnon