Live Practice

Dear Member,

We have secured access to use the GDF Yarrowkabra Range at Timehri on Saturday 11th April, 2015.

As such we will be using this opportunity to host a practice session, this can be used to sharpen your skills for our Steel Challenge Match slated for next week, Saturday 18th April, 2015. Others can additionally do timed drills as they see fit.

Additionally if you still have the practical section of our Range Discipline & Firearms Safety Course to complete this is an opportunity for you to do so.

Shooting Starts: 13:00Hrs 

Shooting Stops: 17:00Hrs

Registration fee: N.A.

Ammunition: Not available (Kindly bring along your own)



- Completed the theory sessions of our Range Discipline & Firearms Safety Course or an equivalent or higher safety course.

- Ear and Eye protection. 

Along with the required gear it is advised you have the following:

- Drinking Water

- Head wear (Cap / Hat)

- Comfortable footwear (slippers / sandals are advised against)

Division: Handgun, All Calibres

Targets: Paper, and Steel Challenge Plates.