ORINDUIK DEVELOPMENT INC. takes off with GUYANA SPORT SHOOTING FOUNDATION for the 3rd consecutive year

Like the multi-tiered series of cascades of the Orinduik Falls, Orinduik Development Inc. has been supporting the respective shooting disciplines of the Foundation. This 3rd year in a row is no differet as the Board of Directors once again will be sponsoring a Practical Shooting Match to be hosted by the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation and which will as usual, be open to all established practical shooters of Guyana.

Orinduik Development Inc. is the 100% Guyanese owned company that is building Guyana's first commercial Heliport on the Lusignan coast.The primary objective of the proposed heliport is to provide an independent facility for helicopter operations in close proximity to Georgetown, and to facilitate the growing need for such air transport services coming from many sectors, including the extractive industry.

The heliport shall provide a location for the voluntary basing of helicopter operators providing commercial services (moving people and cargo, mining, tourism, oil industry, construction, agriculture, news and media) from and near Georgetown and is also intended to support the medical, coast guard, security, search and rescue, law enforcement and other emergency services

At the recent simple handover ceremony at the Company’s office on Barrack Street, Kingston, Georgetown, the Directors extended GSSF’s sincerest gratitude to Mr. Brian Backer and the Board of Directors of Orinduik Development Inc for the kind sponsorship and support of the Foundation’s activities and events.

More information on the G.S.S.F. is available on its website www.GuyanaSportShooting.com

In Photo below: Mr. Brian Backer of Orinduik Development Inc. hands over sponsorship cheque to Mr. Andrew Phang, Asst. Secretary/Treasurer and Director of the G.S.S.F. in the presence of Secretary of GSSF, Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon.