Queensway Security Service Inc. is the latest corporate agency to support the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation. The leading security company has over the years continued to recognise shooting as a sport and gives the company's commitment to fostering the continued growth of the sport in Guyana. This was highlighted as Queensway Security Service gave sponsorship to the growing Foundation for their upcoming Practical Shooting competition.

At a simple hand-over ceremony at the Company’s Head-Office at 153 Regent Road and Oronoque Streets, Bourda Georgetown, Chief Operations Officer of QSS, Mr. Lancelot Khan, presented the sponsorship funds to GSSF Chairman of the Practical Shooting Committee, Mr. David Dharry who thanked the security company for the usual support given to the G.S.S.F. In an invited comment Mr. Khan highlighted that he is happy to be involved and that he has seen first hand the discipline and high level of safety surrounding the sport not only in Guyana but also around the Caribbean and further afield. He also mentioned the added benefit sport shooting brings to practical shooters with regards to the training element for safe and accurate firearm use in a totally dynamic environment. 

Preparations are on stream for the match which will feature four exciting stages according to a release from the Match Committee. Match Director, Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon noted that the divisions which will be recognised are Limited and Production, which will see Trophies handed out for the top three overall in each division. She went on to indicate that the Match will be open to all experienced Practical Pistol Shooters of Guyana and advised competitors to pre-register. Interested sanctioned practical shooters wanting to come out to have some safe shooting fun, can contact any Committee Member of the GSSF, visit www.guyanasportshooting.com for further details or simply send an email to info@guyanasportshooting.com indicating their interest to participate.

Practical shooting is regarded as any type of sport shooting that involves engaging targets while having to move with the firearm. The handgun element of sport simultaneously measures the ability of the competitor to shoot rapidly and accurately with a full power handgun in a safe, fair, fun and competitive environment. Scoring takes into account three elements – speed, accuracy and power. Every GSSF’s Practical Shooting Match is made up of stages that seek to measure a shooter’s ability in all three elements and coordinated under strict safety guidelines marshaled by experienced Range Officials.