practical pistol

G.S.S.F. Practical Pistol Shooters Enjoy Safe and Fun March Match

Amidst light scattered showers last Saturday 28th March, 2015, local practical shooters came out and safely balanced the three elements of the practical shooting triangle: Speed, Power and Accuracy at the GDF’s Timehri Ranges when the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation hosted another Practical Pistol competition which was open to all existing practical shooters of Guyana.

Practical Pistol

Saturday, March 28, 2015
GDF Ranges, Yarrowkabra

Dear Practical Shooter,

You are hereby invited to take part in a GSSF Practical Pistol Match, to be held on Saturday 28th March 2015 at the GDF Yarowkabra Ranges, Timehri.