Practical Pistol


The Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation Practical Pistol Section brought the curtains down for 2015 on Saturday 5th December, 2015, when they hosted the P&P Insurance Brokers & Consultants Practical Pistol Match at the GDF Timehri Range. The event saw local practical shooters testing their skills in four dynamic stages setup by the GSSF Match Committee competing for prizes in two divisions. The Production Division shooters used out of the factory firearms which were limited to a magazine capacity of 10 rounds only while the Limited or Standard Division shooters where allowed some add-ons to make their guns more race worthy for the sport.

Match Director for the event, Mr. Ryan McKinnon in his opening remarks, welcomed the shooters and encouraged all to follow the strict safety rules set out by the discipline and introduced the range safety officers who would be monitoring the action. McKinnon also noted the attendance of sanctioned and established practical shooters of IPSC Guyana along with the Regional Director Mr. Harold Hopkinson. The stages selected for the competition from the get go appeared to be a rigid test of the ability of the shooters to balance the three elements of practical shooting: Speed, Power and Accuracy. To get things on the way the MD introduced the Range Master for the event, Mr. David Dharry, who was tasked with ensuring all the rules of the sport were followed correctly.


Local practical shooters will participate in a Practical Pistol Match which has been exclusively sponsored by P&P Insurance Brokers and Consultants Limited and hosted by the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation. This much anticipated competition will be held at the GDF’s Timehri Ranges this weekend.

President of the Foundation Ms. Vidushi Persaud, in her remarks said the match will usher in the festive Christmas season and hopefully brings lots of cheer to the members and local pistol aces as they compete in the final competition for the GSSF’s calendar year. Competitors will be separated into two divisions based on their firearm setup: Production Division (for out of the factory firearms) and Standard Division (where some add-ons and higher end aftermarket parts are allowed.)  She went on to note that local Regional Director for IPSC, Mr. Harold Hopkinson has been instrumental in encouraging local shooters and the attendance of a number of practical shooters of Guyana will be facilitated to test their ability to balance the three elements of practical shooting: Speed, Power and Accuracy. Built around safety, the sport simultaneously measures the ability of the competitor to shoot rapidly and accurately with a full powered gun in a fun, fair, and competitive environment.

Accuracy and Speed on show at G.S.S.F. Weekend Practical Pistol Match

Practical Shooters of Guyana were on Saturday 25th July, 2015 given a chance to display their Accuracy and Speed while managing Power, compliments of the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation with the support of the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force.

It was another fun afternoon in the blistering sun at the G.D.F’s Timehri Ranges as new and experienced shooters alike showed up to test their skills against each other in four challenging courses of fire.

G.S.S.F. hosts another successful Steel Challenge Shooting Competition

The fascinating thing about sport shooting is that is draws persons together from all walks of life. This was demonstrated on Saturday 18th April, 2015 when a diverse group of local handgun shooters (comprising of criminal attorneys-at-law, civil attorneys, businessmen, civil engineers, IT consultants, a farmer, dentist, pilot and psychiatrist) braved the rains of that day and made their way to the GDF Timehri Ranges to be part of some safe shooting competition when the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation hosted another Steel Challenge Shooting Match. The competition on Saturday consisted of three sanctioned SCSA stages: Accelerator, 5 to Go and Smoke and Hope. 

Live Practice

Dear Member,

We have secured access to use the GDF Yarrowkabra Range at Timehri on Saturday 11th April, 2015.

As such we will be using this opportunity to host a practice session, this can be used to sharpen your skills for our Steel Challenge Match slated for next week, Saturday 18th April, 2015. Others can additionally do timed drills as they see fit.

Additionally if you still have the practical section of our Range Discipline & Firearms Safety Course to complete this is an opportunity for you to do so.

Practical Pistol

Saturday, March 28, 2015
GDF Ranges, Yarrowkabra

Dear Practical Shooter,

You are hereby invited to take part in a GSSF Practical Pistol Match, to be held on Saturday 28th March 2015 at the GDF Yarowkabra Ranges, Timehri.

Practical Pistol

Saturday, March 14, 2015
GDF Ranges, Yarrowkabra

GSSF opens 2015 with Practical Pistol Match sponsored by WOODPECKER PRODUCTS

Speed, power and accuracy: Three elements of the practical shooting were well-balanced last Saturday 24th January, 2015 at the GDF’s Timehri Ranges when the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation safely hosted the first competition for 2015 – a Practical Pistol Match sponsored by Woodpecker Products. The company generously donated to the G.S.S.F. several high quality Trophies for the competition, which was open to all experienced practical pistol competitors in Guyana.

Following the Latest Edition of Practical Shooting Handgun Rules, the shooters enjoyed an afternoon in the blazing sunshine while safely engaging targets in three dynamic stages in the Standard Division. These stages required the competitor to shoot as accurately as possible at multiple targets that were setup in various scenarios, while moving, and striving to do so in a shorter time than the other competitors. Points were deducted for any misses and any hits on specific penalty targets.


January Practical Pistol Match

Saturday, January 24, 2015
GDF Yarowkabra Ranges, Timehri.

Dear Practical Shooter,

You are hereby invited to participate in a Practical Pistol Match, to be held on Saturday 24th January 2015 at the GDF Yarowkabra Ranges, Timehri.

Number of Stages: 3 (Comstock)
• Minimum Rounds: 42
• Start Time: 13:30Hrs

For more info contact Match Director - Mr. Ryan McKinnon on 623-2709.