Multi-Gun Match


The Inaugural Trinity Resources sponsored Multi-Gun Practical Shooting Match proved to be challenging and fun for local practical shooters competing under the USPSA Practical Shooting Handgun Rules at the G.D.F.’s Yarrowkabra Range. Every G.S.S.F. Practical Shooting Match is made up of stages that seek to measure a shooter’s ability in all three elements of the sport and are coordinated under strict safety guidelines marshaled by experienced Range Officials. The Match held last Saturday 1st October, 2016, was no different as shooters competed in 5 stages, considering technical aspects and shooting positions to take based solely on target presentation. Targets a mere few yards away to some 25 yards away, each stage’s target array tested various different skills for the shooters of different levels.

G.S.S.F. successfully hosts Guyana’s first 3-Gun Match

Just a few weeks ago the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation received a National Sports Award for the Most Improved Association for 2015 and there is no question that merely a few months later, Sport Shooting has once again been taken to an even higher level in Guyana after Saturday’s successful hosting of Guyana’s first 3-Gun Match.