Woodpecker Products located at Lot 40, Fourth Street, Alberttown, Georgetown, is undoubtedly an invaluable entity in the sporting world. Owner and Managing Director, Mrs. Luana Ferandes, was highly commended for once again generously donating to the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation.

“Unstrung Hero” AND “Bad to the Bone” walk away with top prizes at B.M. SOAT’S ANNUAL COSTUME MATCH


For the fourth consecutive year, Halloween in Guyana for sport shooters has been associated with the much anticipated B.M. Soat Annual Costume Match. The Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation once again last Saturday 2nd November, 2019 hosted their Annual themed competition which was a very keenly contested one, sponsored by B.M. Soat Auto sales all within the confines of the safety rules and watchful eyes of Range Master, Mr. Dallas Thomas and his Team of Range Officials.

The Timehri Range transformed just after noon with cool overcast weather, with the rain clouds hovering but not breaking over the Match thereby providing wonderful cloud coverage for the participants as members turned out in their costumes, with appearances from inter alia, a FBI Agent, A Policeman, a Policewoman, terminator, Unstrung Hero, a Cricketer, a Vacquero and a QC Old Student.

RESULTS: Steel Challenge Tier 1 Costume Match sponsored by B.M. Soat Auto Sales

Limited Division

1st – Ryan McKinnon (74.30 seconds)

2nd – John Phang (87.31 seconds)

3rd – Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon (114.24 seconds)


Production Division

1st – Ray Beharry (90.23 seconds)

2nd – Andrew Phang (93.12 seconds)

3rd – Michael Blake (126.32 seconds)


Unclassified Beginner Category

1st – Imam Baksh (120.20 seconds)

2nd – Rawlston Adams (147.29 seconds)

3rd – Satya Dayaram (163.25 seconds)